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Name : C J
Skype : ChibiJaime

Cincinnatian born and bred, currently living in Columbus! Entertains dreams of opening a queer-friendly, geek themed coffee shop. I enjoy steampunk, Victorian fashion, corsetry, Steam Powered Giraffe, Mass Effect, Portal (1 and 2), TF2, ball-jointed dolls, cosplay, conventioning, drawing, writing, and the outdoors... particularly parks, oceans, and streams.


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(hugs) I hate walking down high street. I always put my headphones on full blast so if people approach me/try to talk i don’t hear them and walk on by :/

I don’t mind it sometimes, but right there across from Stonewall Columbus and The Garden is where I park, since Short North Coffee is about halfway up the block toward 5th. There’s some benches right off the sidewalk where a bunch of guys hang out all the time. This guy walked up in front of my car and stood by the meter while I was trying to put time on it.

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Ugh, what a creep! He deserved a kick in the nuts.

I mostly just wanted to get into the coffee shop with my friend at that point. I didn’t really feel very safe with the guy hanging around my car like that. I’m glad it was light out.

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what if I just took his face in my hands and very gently snapped his neck off of his spine

I think that’s considered illegal, Clara dear.

Make Me Choose: Vixey or Rita

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Can I just get a do-over on today. I had some guy on High Street when I was walking to the coffee shop to meet my friend go “Hey honey, you’re looking damn good for your age.”

Well great, now I feel harassed AND old, thank you.

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One of these things is not like the others…

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Replaying Okami for the first time in forever, going through the intro…

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Make me choose:
↳  asked: Miranda or Jack

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(Original Blog has been deleted)









Better You

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o…oh… I did something very sad…. 
yes that’s a crown of sea shells…

You’re my alien boyfriend . _ . I don’t care I couldn’t romance you… not even sure where I would start.

[POSTER] !!!!!!

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"Badassfully, are you sleeping with my sister?"
"Slumber would be difficult due to the energetic nature of our copulation."

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